Bigg Boss 17 contestant Firoza Khan: “I think food will be a major issue for me in the house.”

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As the 17th season of Bigg Boss begins, viewers can expect to see a wide range of well-known competitors, YouTube stars, and celebrities vying for the show’s coveted trophy.



Firoza Khan, one of the candidates, is rumored to be an ex-girlfriend of Bigg OTT 2 competitor Jad Hadid. He spoke candidly about his enthusiasm for the show and much more in an interview with Bollyfunmaza.


“I am very excited to be a part of this Bigg Boss journey,” Firoza said. This will be something brand new for me to try! I plan to perform entirely from within myself. I have flaws, such as being easily wounded by false accusations. My temper can flare out occasionally. In other situations, I might respond strongly when provoked and outraged, but I need to remember that this is Bigg Boss and that people are going to provoke. I need to remember that life is not to be taken too seriously.


Firoza elaborated on how she was coping with the food shortage by saying, “The first thing that I eat in the morning is fruits.” Because eating is a daily necessity for me, the prospect of going without food stresses me out. I’m not picky, but I do need a side salad with my meal. I don’t mean gourmet when I say “salad.” Tomatoes and cucumbers from the grocery store should do the trick. As a result, there will be an issue with food supply.

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