You won’t believe your eyes when you see how much Ruhaanika Dhawan has changed from her child actress days in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to her current status as a teen diva.

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Ruhaanika Dhawan’s depiction of Ruhi Bhalla on the hit program Yeh Hai Mohabbatein won her many admirers. After realizing her talent at a young age, Ruhaanika made her acting debut in the soap opera Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyein when she was just five years old. But it was her performance as the adorable little performer in Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein that brought her widespread fame. Let’s take a look at how she went from being a lovely child actress to a gorgeous teen.



Let’s get the basics down before diving into Ruhaanika Dhawan’s background. She entered the world on September 25, 2007, in Mumbai. She is pursuing her education with the IGSCE board and has just received a very high mark in the tenth standard. Ruhaanika’s mom, Dolly Dhawan, stays at home while her dad runs a little business. It’s fair to say that her parents have encouraged and inspired her to reach for the stars throughout her life.

After receiving widespread praise for her work on television, Ruhaanika was offered the opportunity to make her film debut at the tender age of seven. She got a role in Salman Khan’s 2014 film Jai Ho. The small role she played in the film pushed the envelope of her acting ability. Two years later, she got another chance to act in a major film with the release of Ghayal Once Again, which starred Sunny Deol.

After experiencing early and massive success, Ruhaanika underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. In addition to her TV roles, she delved into the realm of social media. She became an internet celebrity because of the regularity of her posts and photos. After only a few years, Ruhaanika already has over 2 million dedicated followers.

Although Ruhaanika first gained fame as a social media star, she has since expanded her talents to include content production. She is the mastermind behind her own YouTube channel, where she regularly uploads videos on brand collaborations and personal anecdotes.

The absence of Ruhaanika on the screen has likely not gone unnoticed. But that’s only because she’s taking some time off from acting to focus on developing as a person and graduating college. Ignorant people should know that despite her hectic performing schedule, Ruhaanika has always been a top student. This dates back to when she first started working as an actress.

After 15 years, Ruhaanika’s transformation has stunned onlookers. She’s built a name for herself as a gorgeous diva, rather than the cute young artist she once was. She has worked very hard to better herself, and her active social media sites are proof enough of that. She’s established herself as a rising fashion icon because to her unique style and magnetic internet presence. Ruhaanik is a master of the art of dressing well, and she is equally at home in trendy western wear as she is in traditional ethnic garb. Not only is she lovely to look at, but she has also garnered attention for the way she represents herself in the world.

In recognition of her acting skills, the Indian Television Academy honored Ruhaanika with the Indian Telly Award for Most Popular Child Actress. But her talents go beyond the stage as well. By showcasing her talents in gymnastics, mixed martial arts, and Kathak on her social media accounts, Ruhaanika has distinguished herself from the pack. In addition to enhancing her physical attractiveness, her athletic prowess helped her shed the baby weight and build muscle after giving birth.

When 15-year-old Ruhaanika Dhawan spent Rs. 4 crores on her dream home, she made history. In January of 2023, Ruhaanika made a public declaration on her social media accounts. She praised her mother’s money management skills, saying that it was thanks to them that she was able to purchase a home with her own earnings.

Ruhaanika Dhawan typically charges more than Rs. 15,000 per episode for her acting jobs. She is said to be valued roughly Rs. 8 crores.

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