Abhinav Shukla is the first actor to climb UT Kangri, a 6070-meter peak in Ladakh.

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Abhinav Shukla, famous for his participation in Bigg Boss 14, made history by becoming the first actor to reach the top of UT Kangri in Ladakh, an impressive peak that stands at an altitude of 6070 meters above sea level. Abhinav’s remarkable accomplishment was documented in a fascinating trekking vlog that he uploaded to his YouTube account.

The vlog follows Abhinav’s adventure from its conception till the moment he successfully reaches the summit of UT Kangri. Abhinav and his climbing companions showed remarkable resilience in the face of stormy nights and other obstacles. When the weather cleared, the group started their climb, which led them through several interesting and enlightening situations.

Abhinav unveiled his daily ritual, complete with a special method for toasting bread, and presented a breakfast feast of tea, toast, nutella, and cornflakes inside the kitchen tent. The film is a stunning record of Abhinav’s ascent, capturing breathtaking scenery and his unguarded thoughts as he reached the 5200-meter summit.

Abhinav, although suffering from minor Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), resumed his climb in the early light of dawn, traversing the snowy landscape. He worked tirelessly to reach the peak, where he explained the meaning behind the moniker “UT Kangri,” which will forever be associated with Ladakh’s historic 2019 elevation to the status of Union Territory.

In a touching conclusion, Abhinav raised the Indian flag high atop UT Kangri to show the world what he had accomplished. Abhinav Shukla is now recognized not just as an actor, but also as a visionary in the world of exploration and adventure.

Abhinav Shukla’s amazing achievement is a testament to his doggedness, curiosity, and commitment, and should serve as a model for would-be explorers and pioneers.

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