Drama on Bigg Boss 17! Salman then warns the former couple of Udaariyaan, Isha and Abhishek, after they appear on the television and accuse each other of physical assault.

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The premiere of Bigg Boss 17, which once again features superstar Salman Khan as host, was met with much fanfare and enthusiasm.




Bigg Boss is a popular Indian reality television series that has aired for 16 seasons (plus two seasons available exclusively on demand) so far.

We informed you before that Salman Khan kicked off the season with a smashing performance, and now we have video of that performance to share with you.


Udaariyaan’s Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar competed till the very end.

The stunning truths revealed were that Abhishek had stated that he and Isha were dating, while Isha had insisted that they were only friends.

And Abhishek said he and Dimag would be playing, while Isha said she’d be playing with her Dil.

They began to argue out there on stage, and their relationship quickly broke down there.

Salman, too, was sucked into the web of deceit, and he even began encouraging Isha and Abhishek to keep the faith.

At first, Isha denied, and then admitted, that she and Abhishek were an item. During the course of their relationship, the two had a significant argument on stage and even accused each other of physical violence. Salman himself cautioned the two to watch their language on stage.

It’s very evident that they share a startling backstory.

The following entrants were YouTuber Sunny Arya, actor/model Soniya Bansal, and rapper Khaanzaadi aka Firoza.

Salman has indicated that Bigg Boss’s next directive to shackle Sunny and Firoza is also a hoax, therefore it’s unclear what will happen.

The third person to enter the home was Anurag Dhobhal, a major social media celebrity known by his online monikers Babu Bhai and UK 07.

The first competitor to appear on the evening was Manara Chopra, who delivered a scorching performance.

In second place, we had Munawar Faruqui. Then came social media star Navid Sole and TV power couple Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma.

We also let slip that this squad is split into three distinct houses—Dil, Dimag, and Dam—each of which will include its own set of members, set of strengths, and set of connections.

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