YouTube stars versus A-listers is a false dichotomy propagated by the media: Anurag Dhoble, contestant on season 17 of Bigg Boss

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As the 17th season of Bigg Boss begins, viewers can expect to see a wide range of well-known competitors, YouTube stars, and celebrities vying for the show’s coveted trophy.


Anurag Dhoble, a popular YouTuber, is one of the competitors. He spoke candidly about his enthusiasm for the show and much more in an interview with Bollyfunmaza.


To be a part of the show means a lot to me,” Anurag said. It has nothing to do with the current season, but I’ve always aspired to be a TV star. I haven’t thought about a strategy because, as a YouTuber, people have a good idea of how I’ll act and what they can expect from me. People will like seeing the real me on the show, and I intend to exhibit that aspect of myself.

Anurag answered, “I belong from the mountains and we like to live peacefully,” when asked if he has anger issues. I try not to lose my cool easily, but if I feel threatened or ambushed, there will be repercussions. It’s impossible to make the appropriate choice during a conflict or while someone is angry, so I’ll assess the situation first. The answer to any problem can be found.

We also probed his plans for coping with a shortage of food. “I come from a very middle-class family, and we’ve experienced a crisis or two,” Anurag said. A member of such a social class would understand what it means to put others’ needs ahead of one’s own, or to compromise long-term goals for the sake of the present.

Anurag concluded by explaining the difference between YouTube stars and A-list actors.


“It has never been about YouTubers versus celebrities,” Anurag emphasized. It’s a piece of propaganda. Both have put in a lot of hard work to get where they are, and YouTubers are finally beginning to make inroads into the film and television industries. There is a lot we can pick up from one another. I recognize that I have much to learn and that, if given the chance, I will be able to make useful contributions. YouTubers and A-listers rarely go head-to-head.

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