Fahmaan Khan’s favorite travel companion is his “THIS” Dharampatnii co-star!

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Everyone was blown away by Fahmaan Khan’s turn in Imlie. He became famous very quickly because people simply can’t get enough of his chocolate boy good looks and charming demeanor. While we eagerly await his return to the big and small screens, the dashing man is busy exploring other abilities.



After starring opposite Kritika Singh Yadav on Colors’ Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii, Fahmaan has taken up directing music videos as a side project.


In two music videos, Beirada and Ishq Nibhaja Mahiya, the actor took on the role of director.


There were rumors that Dharampatnii co-star Aditi Shetty was involved in a romantic relationship with one of the other actors on the show. However, there was no verification of the same, and it appears that the two are not only close friends but also frequent vacation companions.


Aditi just posted some photos from her recent trip to Silvassa with her pals Fahmaan Khan, Gurpreet Bedi, and other close acquaintances to her social media accounts. They were chugging drinks and laughing it up by the pool. She seems to have spent the day at the pool and the evening partying with her pals as she poses in a bright green monokini. Fahmaan is also seen here displaying his braids.


Is it just me, or do they appear to be having a blast in all of these pictures? Leave your thoughts in the space provided below.

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