If a contender fails to complete the ration task, Bigg Boss will punish them.

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This season of Bigg Boss is working very well as the contestants are bringing a lot of drama and content to the participants.

We have seen how Ankita and Aishwarya are at loggerheads and they are having recurring arguments and we have seen how Neil and Vicky try to calm them down.

We saw Mannar and Munawar’s friendship crumble, and now she has forged her alliance with Anurag, so it’s no surprise that the YouTubers’ group is gathering together to play after they destroyed the togetherness of the “Dimaag” chamber.

Isha is with Neil and Aishwarya in the “Dil” room, while Abhishek is with Ankita and Vicky.

On the other hand, in the “Dum” room, contestants have started playing the game, with Anurag emerging as the game’s mastermind.


Bigg Boss’s frustration with the candidates’ poor performance is evident in the latest show teaser.

He then presented the ration task, which pitted actors from television against YouTubers by having each group argue for or against the other’s inclusion in the show.

Since the competitors had nothing negative to say to one another, he feels bad that he introduced this challenge.

Bigg Boss has warned the housemates that he will remove all of the food from the house if he discovers any remnants of the old ration.

He appears to be quite frustrated by the candidates, since they are not completing any tasks and he is tired of guiding them.

The contenders may or may not understand the gravity of the situation and end up disappointing the judge.



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