I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. Kavya Luthra, who plays Mrinal Navell on Kundali Bhagya, discusses the reactions of fans, an ordinary day off,

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Kundali Bhagya, airing on Zee TV, is a production of Balaji Telefilms. The show, which features the acting talents of Shraddha Arya and others, is a fan favorite. Its unexpected turns are what keep viewers interested.



Fans of the show have expressed a tremendous deal of praise for the cast as a whole. Starring Paras Kalnawat, Sana Sayyad, Baseer Ali, Shraddha Arya, and Shakti Anand, the program is a whirlwind of talent.

Fans of the program have praised Mrinal Navell, who plays Kavya Luthra, for his performance. She played the part of Palki on the TV show Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar.


The actress was interviewed by Bollyfunmaza on the film’s challenging sequences and the response it received from the public.

Describe a typical day off for you. How about you? What you can do to unwind.

One of my most typical off days begins later than usual. No amount of alarm clocks will wake me up that day; I must sleep. Other than that, I mostly like to unwind. Infrequently do I venture out into the nightlife on such. Not really, anyhow. This is a celebration, and I am here. And I enjoy staying in and relaxing. Now I get to relax on my favorite couch while enjoying a wonderful movie, book, and meal. Hanging together with pals at home or elsewhere, but avoiding any wild celebrations. So, when I want to unwind, I like to hang out at home with my loved ones and enjoy some quality time together eating, sleeping, and watching TV. For the simple reason that I am aware of the significance of our corporeal form. Work wears us down to a halt. We can’t exactly say that we’re just not doing anything else but working. We need to be on the go. There must be dancing. We need to get in some practice runs for this. Our bodies also require. Let me take a nap on a day like this. If I can’t sleep, at least I can lie down and let my body regain its strength. The next day, I return to work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm for my job. When I need to conserve my energy the most, I switch to “sleep mode.”

What current media have you been devouring?


Made in Heaven is a new show I’ve been watching, and I’m really enjoying it. After finishing the first season, I couldn’t wait to start the second. One of these vacations, I’ll get everything done. I. It’s a fantastic show, but I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, and there aren’t any sequels coming out soon. Therefore, I decided to revisit none part one in order to better understand the film. After Satya, I didn’t go to the movies again for a while. I remember watching and enjoying the film Kathy. It’s a film that deserves more recognition, in my opinion. It’s worth your time to watch the film. We should seek out films like these and try our hands at making films about similar subjects. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but the execution of the novel idea is superb. That settles it; the literature and the movie are separate. I read constantly because of this. Yeah. The last page of Wuthering Heights was turned yesterday. Since I can’t bring a television with me everywhere I go, books are something I keep extremely close at all times. No. So, I always have a book with me, even while filming. A book is always close by, even when I’m sleeping. So. In a similar vein. How can one be excited by the show? And what exactly can? Apparently, it’s a thing in the current season of the show.

Do you have a message for your devoted followers?

Yeah. I’m talking about the overwhelming support and gratitude I’ve received as a result of my role. I appreciate it. I’m grateful for everyone’s support; I’ve gone a long way in a short time and feel lucky to have gotten here because of it. Thank you so much, and please know that I intend to provide you with many more such stunning performances in the future. Please continue to tune in, I appreciate your continued support so much.

Although it began as a spin-off, Kundali Bhagya has become one of the most popular series on television.

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