Bigg Boss competitors that came in second place, from Tanishaa Mukerji to Asim Riaz,

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The Indian reality show Bigg Boss is a huge hit among viewers. Everyone has enjoyed it even in its over-the-top form. People have been waiting patiently for the premiere of Bigg Boss 17, and now that the promo has been released, they can’t wait to see it. The show’s popularity and ratings increase thanks to the squabbles, rude comments, disagreements, and wackiness that occurs on it. However, there are always a few contestants who manage to steal our hearts from the get-go, leading many viewers to believe they are surefire winners. They lose, which is a real bummer.




Let’s take a look at the losers from that reality program that everyone was talking about.

Shriiv Thakare

Many people wanted Shiv to win Bigg Boss 16 after he won Bigg Boss Marathi, but he shockingly didn’t.

This is Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik, the Bigg Boss 15 runner-up, was a fan favorite.

R. H. Vaidya

Many viewers of Bigg Boss 14 were surprised that Rahu didn’t come out on top.

Riaz Asim

Asim, a notable Bigg Boss 13 competitor, finished in second place and gained notoriety for his fierce clashes with Sidharth Shukla.


Sreesant, a cricket player, was one of the show’s 12 most formidable competitors. His closeness to Dipika Kakar was a source of admiration for many.

Iman Khanna

One of Bigg Boss 11’s most popular contestants was named Hina.

Bani J

Bani was a fan favorite on Bigg Boss 10, finishing in second place.

Sinha, Rishabh

Rishabh competed in Bigg Boss 9 as a wild card contestant and finished in second place.

K. Tanna Karishma

Bigg Boss 8’s runner-up was Karishma. Her relationship with Upen Patel was the subject of media attention.

Ms. Tanishaa Mukerji

Tanishaa gained notoriety after finishing in second place on Bigg Boss 7.

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