When a Marathi actress accused Kapil Sharma of drunkenly mistreating her, the comedian said, “I believe everyone is like me…”

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Kapil Sharma is widely regarded as a top entertainer of this era. His ability to make people laugh no matter who they are has made him a popular figure. The Kapil sharma Show, the actor’s highly regarded chat show, consistently ranks among television’s most watched programs.



Kapil Sharma, too, has been the center of numerous scandals that refuse to fade from the news. Kapil Sharma made headlines in 2015 for allegedly getting intoxicated and misbehaving with Marathi actress Deepali Sayed during an awards ceremony after party for the International Marathi Film Festival.



After being requested to dance by Kapil, Deepali told a news website that she would only do so with close friends and family.



According to the source, Kapil also made numerous attempts to initiate physical contact with various females. It was a humiliating scene. Then Kapil made a move on Deepali by asking her to dance, but she quickly backed away once she realized what he was up to. TV actor Sharad Kelkar then took Kapil aside and told him that his antics were not going over well with the ladies in attendance.

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